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I purchased this belt about 2 weeks ago and have used it daily since opening it. I have sciatica nerve damage which causes extreme pain in my lower back and down into my legs and a friend suggested I try infrared heat. THIS BELT IS A LIFESAVER! I love that the belt wraps around my waist, shoulders, legs or back. The Velcro is very strong so the belt stays exactly where you need the heat! The cord is nice and long which allows me to plug in at work while allowing me to sit or stand at my Computer. I appreciate how long the straps are, I can wrap the belt around my waist with plenty of room to spare- (I’m not a tiny woman) and I can also wear the belt “cross-body” which allows my shoulders to get some much needed heat therapy. The belt is made from a very soft heigh quality material , I’d completely forget I was wearing it if it weren’t for the amazing pain relief I get. The dial is easy to use and easy to read and I really like the timer and auto shut off features. Best of all, it comes in a really handy carrying case which makes it practical to bring to and from work. If you are looking for convenient heat relief that really works- this belt is for you.

Ecuadorian Wifey
- Amazon Customer -

I am thoroughly impressed by this heat therapy mat. I’ve been testing it out for multiple uses, including back pain, cramps, and muscle soreness post work out. Here are my takeaways:

- for back pain this is so soothing. The large size means I can lay on it and it’s comforting to a larger area and really soothes away the pain. I love that I can use it for my entire back all at once. I have other smaller heating pads and this works far better.

- for cramps there is nothing better than laying on this heat therapy pad to dull away the aches.

- for post-workout soreness this is a godsend. I workout daily and lift so I’ve been using this to help with the soreness and overuse. It has made such and improvement and works great to warm my muscles before I roll them out with a foam roller.

- if nothing else, the heating pad is so soothing I could lay on it anytime for ultimate relaxation.

Genevieve W
- Amazon Customer -

I was a little hesitant to purchase yet another 'heating pad' as I have already tried several but have not found any like this! What a wonderful product! It truly is a 'Therapy Mat', providing so much more than just heat.You can see by the picture that it covers the entire back of my large recliner . I find this large size to be so great for many applications. This is no wimpy item. It's beautifully built, even nicer in person, and will provide my whole household with years of daily use. Christmas is fast approaching and what a fun gift for each of my grown kids.

- Amazon Customer -

What a great Mat. penetrates way deeper then a normal heating pad. i work out 4 times a week and play sports. So i get sore. This is a great pad as it gets deep in my muscles and helps with pain. First time I saw something like this was at my PT office. Its great to own one. 

Geinitz Family
- Amazon Customer -

This is a wonderful product. I suffer from severe menstrual cramps. This heat belt wraps around me nicely while eventually distributing heat to all the parts of me that are needing relief. I was tired of fighting my other heat pads to give me the relief I needed and now I do not have to worrie about that with this heat belt.

- Amazon Customer -

Eases pain consistently, and lasts for longer periods of time. Relaxes and seems to sooth and harmonize mind and body. Works great daily for entire family

Diana V
- Amazon Customer -

Feels great when my back aches after a day of tennis. The heat setting ranges, and you can get this really hot if you desire. The velcro strap is big and legit, so it doesn't slip while wearing it.

Abby V
- Amazon Customer -